The only
monthly developmental set
in the world for babies
9-48 months

The only monthly developmental set in the world for babies 9-48 months

What are

EarlyLearny Educational Sets?

EarlyLearny Educational Sets are educational sets of activities that are designed to increase your child's four main skills: motor skills, social-emotional skills, language skills and mental skills and to teach parents how to support this learning throughout each month of development from month 9 through age 3


developed our sets?

A team of pedagogues and child psychologists designed our EarlyLearny developmental sets in collaboration with a group of Doctors in Germany and the United States.

How should

our sets be used?

EarlyLearny Educational Sets should be used on a continuous basis. If done so, they will improve your child’s:

  • check-icon bond with the participating parent or caregiver,
  • check-icon developmental skills,
  • check-icon interest in and appreciation of books,
  • check-icon self confidence,
  • check-icon sense of responsibility,
  • check-icon overall learning skills, putting them in better shape for school
  • check-icon and IQ by 6 points (continuous interactive reading between 9-42 months is proven to increase IQ level).

What each set covers

What each set covers
child activities

Each set contains an interactive book with 22 activities and instructions for how parents can extend the activities throughout the month.

Most materials needed for the activities

Most materials needed for the activities are included with each set.

Children’s book.

Children’s book.

child development

Key information to help parents understand and better appreciate the development taking place in your child during each month.

Why would a parent enjoy EarlyLearny Educational Sets?

Why would

a parent enjoy EarlyLearny Educational Sets?

For parents, it is very important to understand how your baby develops into a toddler and continues growing into childhood. EarlyLearny Educational Sets help parents build within their child a strong foundation, teaching core, developmentally appropriate skills tailored to each month of your child’s growth.

Young children enjoy repeating activities over and over until they have mastered them. Repetition gives your child a sense of accomplishment and builds his or her self-confidence. This self-confidence will lead to better attitudes toward learning. Parents who engage their child with interactive reading activities, like EarlyLearny Educational Sets, up through 48 months of age are making a positive investment in their child’s future.

About EarlyLearny

About EarlyLearny

Who we are:


EarlyLearny was started to help parents around the world raise their young children in an informed way, that helps prepare and build their child for future success.


We work with educators, medical doctors, pedagogues, child psychologists and awarded illustrators throughout the world. We also speak with local experts from each country. We always work with experts and embrace science.

We have distributed EarlyLearny sets to over 1,000,000 houses in 5 countries and we are expanding rapidly.

earlylearny safety

Safety of the Products:

  • safety-icon All the products have been tested under EN 71 1-2-3 and ASTM F963.
  • safety-icon All products are safe for children and should all be used under the direct supervision of a parent or caregiver.